Assume yourself belonging to a population of intellectual plankton species

Please, read the ” Black holes draining…” post (located below) first.

” …and he who increaseth the knowledge increaseth the sorrow”- this is from Kohelet – King Solomon – Ecclesiastes. As many of you know. And this is from me: “We are slaves of our knowledge…”

It happens as it happens… you cannot change the pass, and the past once it happened, and its impact on your current and future being and understanding of the world around you. At least on how you consider it in your mind.

As I mentioned in my previous post it happened that I ran into a liquid vortex in a pond at a water park somewhere in SF Bay area, which, under my immediate impression, resembled a black  hole. It sharply attracted my attention to observe it and my mind to think and understand its properties and structural details, and it made me addicted with the observations and their analysis for quitesome time. And it still excites my curiosity.    I summarized all the related matters in my previous post ” Black holes swallowing the spacetime. Sounds impossible? Well, it might nevertheless be so…” in which I speculated, based on my findings, about the matter and the spacetime, and the black holes warping it, and the dark stuff, matter and energy, in it.  And about the universe, its infinity and associated effects. Until at some point I ran into a thought, stroking my mind, namely, what if we, the humans, are just a population of intellectual plankton living in a drop of dew, which was nucleated (Big Bang), and grew (Universe expansion) over the surface of a leave, and our sphere of intellectual accessibility is limited by the size of the drop, by its content, and by its surface/interface, and by the very nearby medium. As in the image below, which I took from

Based on these all-s we are constructing our scientific theories, extrapolating them to infinity, and speculating about the infinite universe and its structure at somewhere beyond. But it might be that our entire universe is just a small dew drop … How can we be sure that our magnificent observation micro- and tele- tools are presenting us indeed the infinite universe and not just the space inside the drop and some finite area around? How can we assume in our universe models that the universe, given to us for observation, is indeed infinite and its expansion is just associated with stretching the spacetime measured via the distances between its observable objects?

In any case, this point drives me crazy… Indeed, how do we know that the universe we observe is the whole existing universe and we can develop our scientific models, current ones and future ones, assuming that there are no remote drastic transformations  no limiting “drop surface” and that the world outside the droplet is not cardinally different from the one we see through the partially transparent and curved drop surface interface full of dust and debris accumulated from the surrounding?

All this can drive you crazy indeed… Does it make our population miserable? Yes,  formally, given the realization of billions of light years observable around us and not, taking into consideration the expanding size of the space we keep under observation and and scientific description. Which should make us proud… And it does.

But you may start getting the idea of multiverses though (see the image above).

Well, establishing adequate boundary conditions is critical as I was taught when I was young…

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